After 20 months of active duty, the first ever version of our software, Timeline 1.0 is now retired. She is drawing down her retirement savings at a withdrawal rate of 5.0%, but she's OK because she's implementing the Guardrails!

Timeline 2.0, is the new version went live on 25/2/2019 and has some key advantages over the previous version: 

  • Monthly Data: v2.0 uses monthly series (1926-2018), which means it explores significantly more scenarios than v1 did. For instance, there are 744 monthly rolling 30-year scenarios in 2.0 compared to only 89 annual rolling 30-year scenarios in 1.0. Going forward, we’ll update our data on a monthly basis to reflect latest market conditions! 
  • New Accumulation module for clients saving up for retirement. 
  • New Dynamic Report feature that allows you to customise the report to each client. 
  • Elegant User Interface including the new Snapshot  and One-Page Withdrawal Policy Statement that summarises results in a way your clients can easily understand.
  • Multiple Tax Wrappers/Accounts: You'll be able to model the tax treatment of multiple accounts and the marginal income tax rate on the withdrawals from each account. 
  • Rebalancing & Glide-Paths: You can choose to re-balance annually, biennially or by tolerance bands. Or you could just set an asset allocation glide-path to increase/decrease allocation to any given asset class over the retirement period! 
  • Account Withdrawal Order: This feature allows you to set the order in which you want to spend down each account. You can spend evenly across the accounts or spend down an account at a time. 
  • RESTful API that enables us to begin integration with key enterprise partners and back-office platforms. With this, we can track your client's actual portfolios withdrawals against the illustrated strategy, and provide you actionable insights.  

What we’ve done with Timeline 2.0 is bring together the extensive research on the sustainable withdrawal rate framework from legendary researchers like Bill Bengen, Michael Kitces, Dr. Wade Pfau and others. Our latest version enables advisers to personalise the extensive research to each client’s unique circumstances. Timeline has a unique place in the advisor’s toolbox. It remains the only software in the marketplace that applies empirical data and research to solve the drawdown challenge.

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